4-5" Natural Lace Human Hair Topper

This topper offers great coverage and versatile styling with a scalloped lace front and monotop.  Scallop Front Lace with Tape Tab: Provides a more natural hairline and prevents slippage. Monofilament MonoTop: Fine nylon mesh with individual hairs hand-tied into the mesh. Allows Hair to be parted in different directions and...
Color :
01B - Black
02 - Darkest Brown
02-04 - Darkest Brown w/ Dark Brown
04 - Dark Brown
04/06 - Dark Brown w/ Medium Chestnut Brown
06 - Medium Chestnut Brown
08 - Light Chestnut Brown
10/16 - Medium Golden Brown Blended w/ Dark Ash Blonde
14/22 - Honey Blonde Blended w/ Ash Blonde
14/24 - Honey Blonde Blended w/ Light Golden Blonde
16/613 - Dark Golden Ash Blonde Blended w/ Bleach Blonde
18/22 - Light Ash Blonde Blended w/ Beige Blonde
31/130 - Dark Auburn w/ Dark Copper Highlights
613 - Bleach Blonde
Camel Brown
Pine Cone
Rocky Road


Hair Toppers - Human Hair

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